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Anatomy & Physiology: An Integrative Approach [Electronic resource] : textbook / Michael McKinley, Valerie Dean O’Loughlin, Theresa Bidle. second edition. - [Б. м. : б. и.], 2016. - 1273 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: anatomy --physiology--biology
Аннотация: Human anatomy and physiology is a fascinating subject. However, students can be overwhelmed by the complexity, the interrelatedness of concepts from different chapters, and the massive amount of material in the course. Our goal was to create a textbook to guide students on a clearly written and expertly illustrated beginner’s path through the human body.
Файл:  Michael McKinley Anatomy & Physiology - An Integrative Approach 2nd Edition.pdf - 241.881 MbПерейти: http://sinolib.tj\e-book\Michael McKinley Anatomy & Physiology - An Integrative Approach 2nd Edition.pdf

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McKinley, Michael ; O’Loughlin, Valerie Dean; Bidle, Theresa
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Approach to Internal Medicine [Электронный ресурс] : A Resource Book for Clinical Practice. fourth edition. - [Б. м. : б. и.]. - 542 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: internal medicine--hematology--neurology--cardiology
Аннотация: In this fourth edition of Approach to Internal Medicine, we have substantially updated the content to provide practicing clinicians and trainees with a practical, evidence-based, and concise resource for everyday clinical use, bedside teaching and examination preparation. Approach to Internal Medicine consists of over 250 internal medicine topics classified under 17 subspecialties. Under each topic, the sections on differential diagnoses, investigations, and treatments are designed for the rapid retrieval of high-yield clinical information and can be particularly useful when one is all alone assessing a patient at 3 o’clock in the morning. Unique to Approach to Internal Medicine, we have included multiple comparison tables aimed at highlighting the distinguishing features between various clinical entities, and numerous clinical pearls and mnemonics (marked by). In addition to International System (SI) units, this edition also provides US customary units [in square brackets] for quick reference.

Доп.точки доступа:
Hui, D.; Leung, A. A.; Padwal , R. ГПНТБ России/ЦБ;
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