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Coviello, J. S.
Auscultation skills: breath & heart sounds [Электронный ресурс] : научное издание / J. S. Coviello. fifth edition. - [Б. м. : б. и.]. - 239 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: internal madicine --breath--heart sounds
Аннотация: Auscultation Skills: Breath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition, and companion Web site with fully searchable text and audio cues have been designed to provide you with a practical tool to improve your ability to auscultate for these sounds and enhance your understanding of their physiology. By using this book together with the audio cues and referring to it time and time again, you can review each breath and heart sound until you recognize it perfectly. This invaluable reference explains the physiology and pathophysiology of more than 40 different breath sounds and 50 different heart sounds. Dlustrations highlight each system's anatomy as well as areas affected by-and aus cultatory sites for-the sounds discussed. The accompanying audio on the companion Web site provides electronically generated examples of nearly all the breath and heart sounds in the book. Breath sound examples begin with normal inspiration to make it easier for you to determine where the abnormality occurs in the respiratory cycle. Heart sounds start with the first heart sound to help you better recognize abnormalities in the cardiac cycle. ГПНТБ России/ЦБ
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