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Atlas of anatomy [Электронный ресурс] : атлас. 2nd ed. - [Б. м. : б. и.]. - 694 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: anatomy--muscles--neurovasculature--mediastinum
Аннотация: We were gratified by the high praise we received from all corners of the anatomic world after publication of the first edition of Atlas of Anatomy. The generous comments of colleagues and students assured us that the atlas was a valuable addition to the learning experience, citing among other things the unparalleled artwork that extends to the level of individual muscles and muscles tables presented in an easy-to-learn summary format. We are especially indebted to those of you who reported omissions, inconsistencies, and typographical, factual, and even artistic errors that escaped the authors, editors, and reviewers. We encourage your continued input, as this motivates and helps us to make each edition of the atlas even more effective than the previous one. Our mission in this new edition, as in the first edition, is to provide the most complete, up-to-date and effective reference for teaching and studying human anatomy. The core of this new edition remains the more than 2,400 elegant illustrations and schematics, over 150 summary tables, and the effective two-page spreads for presenting concepts. As in the first edition, the presentation is by region and within each region the content is presented in a similar order. Each unit now starts with the surface anatomy of that region and follows with bones, muscles, vasculature, nerves, through to the topographical summary of the area. Where appropriate, sectional anatomy is found at the end of each chapter. In this edition we have reorganized some chapters and spreads in an effort to more closely parallel the progression and content of a typical dissection curriculum. New artwork and expanded text now offers more comprehensive coverage of specific topics. Images that illustrate more than one organ or region are still conveniently repeated as needed. In this second edition of Atlas of Anatomy, readers will find that we have: • reorganized the material of the combined Abdomen & Pelvis unit into two separate units, Abdomen and Pelvis & Perineum, with the addition of many new illustrations. • moved the spreads on the spinal cord and cranial meninges from the Neuroanatomy unit into the Back and Head & Neck units, where they are more accessible to students of gross anatomy. • expanded the surface anatomy spreads and moved them to the beginning of each unit.• added sectional anatomy spreads to the end of each unit. • added new and updated artwork in all sections of the atlas. We hope that students and teaching faculty find these revisions helpful. Our colleagues at Thieme Publishers have been the essential core of this effort and we are enormously grateful for their support. We especially thank Anne Vinnicombe, Editorial Director for Educational Products, who throughout this project has been available to advise, encourage, and at times even commiserate with each of us. Her professional vision has been a valuable contribution to this manuscript. She is the force who kept us on track and always moving forward. We also want to thank our Developmental Editor, Avalon Garcia, who worked tirelessly, and with admirable patience, to coordinate and interpret our input. Additional thanks go to our Production Editor, Megan Conway, who in spite of the hectic schedules of the three authors, coordinated the production of this new volume with remarkable speed with the able help of Editorial Assistant, Debra Zharnest.

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Gilroy, A. M.; MacPherson, B. R.; Ross, L. M. ГПНТБ России/ЦБ;
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