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1. 616-001/-009.

Clinical medicine for the MRCP paces [Электронный ресурс] : учебник / G. Mehta, B. Igbal, D. Bowman. volume 2. - [Б. м. : б. и.]. - 336 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: clinical medicine

Доп.точки доступа:
Mehta, G.; Igbal, B.; Bowman, D. ГПНТБ России/ЦБ;
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2. 616-001/-009.

Rapid Review of clinical medicine for MRCP [Electronic resource] / S. Sharma, R. Kaushal. Part 2. second edition. - [Б. м. : б. и.]. - 428 с. - Б. ц.
Рубрики: clinical medicine--genetics--calcium Biochemistry --echocardiography
Аннотация: Passing specialist examinations in internal medicine is a difficult milestone for many doctors, but is a mandatory requirement for career progression. Pass rates in these examinations are generally low due to ‘high standards’ and ‘stiff competition’. Thorough preparation is essential and requires a broad knowledge of internal medicine. The pressures of a busy clinical job and nights ‘on call’ make it almost impossible for doctors to wade through heaps of large text books to acquire all the knowledge that is required to pass the examinations. The aim of this book is to provide the busy doctor with a comprehensive review of questions featured most frequently in the MRCP (II) examination in internal medicine. The MRCP (II) examination has a best of 5/n from many answer format. The vast majority of the questions in the book follow the same pattern; however, we have chosen to include several scenarios with open ended questions to stimulate the medical thought process. The level of difficulty of each question is of the same standard as MRCP (II) examination. However, some cases are deliberately more difficult for teaching purposes. A broad range of subjects is covered in over 400 questions ranging from metabolic medicine to infectious diseases. Precise answers and detailed discussion follow each question. Where appropriate, important differential diagnoses, diagnostic algorithms and up-to-date medical lists are presented. Many questions comprise illustrated material in the form of radiographic material, electro - cardiograms, echocardiograms, blood films, audiograms, respiratory flow loops, histological material, and slides in ophthalmology, dermatology and infectious diseases. Over 200 commonly examined illustrations are included. Tutorials are included at the end of the book to aid the interpretation of illustrated material as well as important, and sometimes difficult, clinical data, such as respiratory function tests, cardiac catheter data and dynamic endocrine tests.The book will prove invaluable to all those studying for higher examinations in internal medicine, and to their instructors.
Файл:  R. K. Kaushal. Self Assessment & Review Anatomy.pdf - 67.204 MbПерейти: http://sinolib.tj\e-book\R. K. Kaushal. Self Assessment & Review Anatomy.pdf

Доп.точки доступа:
Sharma, S.; Kaushal, R.
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