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Нistory SL ATSMU

From September 1, 1939 at the medical Institute began to work the library, the first worker was G. A. Fahrutdinova. At that time, the library had about two thousand books, which were included in the inventory book of the library.

In November 1940, the first library Council was approved. During the war all the funds, including books, were spent economically. The Central medical library of the people's health of the Tajik SSR was combined with the library of the medical Institute and the Central medical library was formed at the medical Institute and the head was N. Guseva.Ah. The number of employees and the library's Fund has increased. Working hours are changed. In order to preserve the book Fund and provide students with literature, a single library card is introduced. In the postwar period, much attention is paid to the training of the library staff.

In 1957, the library compresed of 96730 copies and in 1967 147080 copies and state library staff consisted of 13 people. Until 1990, the library's Fund was increased, and the staff and service Department's performance were increased accordingly. Readers are served on a subscription, in the reading room and branches, the library has a catalog hall in which the duty gives qualified help to students and University staff. Much attention is paid to the acquisition of the library Fund. The newly obtained literature is reflected in the catalogues and first Of all in the"catalogue of novelties". New forms of service are being introduced. This bibliographic work: under filling, recommendation lists, held the "Days of chair", "Information Days", are organized the exhibition. During these years, the composition of the library Council is being reviewed. New branches of the reading room are being opened.

Since 1992, begins the outflow of Russian-speaking professionals (heads of Department: maintenance Fakhrieva A. S., reference and bibliographic Department of the Kalyan G. N., Gorevay A. P., Zhilina T. I.), but this the library hours fruitful. In the difficult 90-ies due to lack of funding, the library was deprived of subscription to the periodical press of the Russian Federation. We have writen letters to all authorities about the assistance of our library. The first donation copies began to arrive from publishing houses of the Russian Federation. Military hospital 201 division of the Russian Federation provided readers of our library the opportunity to use the Fund of scientific and medical periodicals.

In 1995, was published a special order of the rector of the University of Ishaki Y. B. mandatory instance. On the basis of this order, the library began to receive from 3 to 10 copies of the works of the University staff.

Since 1997, the library began to receive scientific and medical literature at the expense of international organizations. The first Grant of our library was received literature from AIHA (American International Health Alliance) and Barbara Fisher, who provided our students with the latest medical textbooks, then was a subscription to the periodical press of the Russian Federation, which was funded by the Soros Foundation.

Since 1998, the library began to receive literature from special accounts of the University and the year received from 200 to 500 copies of the works of the University staff. During 2000-2001, the library received 3175 copies of literature, both from Russia and the works of the University staff, at the expense of special funds of the University.

Since 2000, the activity of libraries has been changing. The aim of all University libraries was to turn to new forms of service, automation of all library processes, creation of electronic catalogues. In this direction, all library staff have passed specialized training courses of the program "IRBIS".

From 2005 to 2009, compared with 2000-2005, the number of literature of the library receipts sharply increased the percentage of students ' provision with educational literature both in Russian (94.5%) and in the state language (86.2%). Introduced new services as: "Mortgage service system of students,"are provided a more comfortable environment for users to work and study in the library expanded the information base of study of the University by creating and filling the electronic library of the University, increased the number of registered readers increased the number of visits to libraries readers through the use of electronic library hall of electronic resources of the University's centres (Resource center of evidence-based medicine, information center for medicinal products), the terms of processing of new literature due to the introduction of automated technologies were reduced, hours for teaching the cycle "fundamentals of bibliography" and "health Information systems"were introduced.

From 2003 to 2010, the library staff ( Rakhimova S. M.,(2004) Khairulloev S. I.,(2004,2008) Boltaeva L.Kh. )., (2008) Kurbanova D.K., (2010) Karimova M. M. ( 2007) active participants in training seminars, international conferences, summer schools (in Dushanbe, Bishkek, Issyk –Kul, Kaunas-Lithuania, USA-Nebraska state, Iran) where they make very interesting reports. Information support of users is based on a reference device and computer databases. In this direction, the library on the Grant of the Soros Foundation became the owner of the program "IRBIS" and created 8 databases. It is impossible to imagine a modern library without electronic information.

Until 2007. our users had access to full - text databases via the Internet, which are accessed through the projects: TIB INTAS and EIFL-project Electronic information for libraries. In these projects, there was given free access to electronic journals published by Blackwell SpringerLink and to the system of subject search EBSCO.

In 2007 year, the library started to create electronic collections which formed the basis of future digital libraries. Has begun the development of scanning technology of documents in order to transfer into electronic form the most valuable part of the library stock.

In 2008, the electronic library, equipped with 60 computers connected to the Internet was launched. The Fund of electronic library consists of more than 13,000 electronic documents containing the local drive of the computer. An important component and the actual basis of the electronic library is the library electronic Fund, which the library creates since 2007.. It consists of:

1. electronic editions on CD-ROM, DVD:

2. multimedia encyclopaedias;

3. full-text database "NPA", "DOAJ", "RNMJ", "eLibrary.ru", "Umedp.ru", "Neicon.ru", "FEB", data base legal information "Adliya”, etc.

Sources of acquisition are as manufacturers publications on CD-ROM, and charitable organization of "open society Institute" (Soros Foundation), the Swiss office for cooperation and development (SOSR), Asian Development Bank, the electronic versions of educational publications prepared by teachers of the University, as well as articles from periodic and continuing publications of the University, "Bulletin of Avicenna", the Media-sphere.

Electronic publications are used for information support of scientific activities of the University, as well as for practical training and cultural and educational activities. Readers have the opportunity to work independently with the electronic Fund of the library.

Library Leaders:

1939-1940 Fakhrutdinova G.A.

1940-1941 Zelenina L.Ya.

1941-1942 Sharamkova E.M.

1942-1951 Guseva N.A.

1951-1962 Bondarenko N.A.

1962-1967 Subbotina P. Ya.

1967-1985 Koloskova F.G.

1985-up to the present time Khayrulloeva S. I.