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About the library

As one of the most important divisions of the Tajik State Medical University, the scientific library, with constant interaction and support of the leadership, successfully conducts library and information services to help with educational, pedagogical and scientific activities.

The history of the library is inextricably linked with the Tajik State Medical University. Abuali Ibni Sino and fully sharing his fate, has almost a century of its existence (79 years). Today, the scientific library carefully maintains and maintains all the best in library activity that has developed over such a long time: the time-tested service technologies and its unique foundation. For example, unique medical books from 1791 - 1926 are still kept in the library collection. publications, 98 titles published in the pre-revolutionary period in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris, Vienna, Leipzig, New York, dissertation abstracts from 1946 to 1960.

Currently, the university’s scientific library is the largest medical library in the city and is an important information center. Its foundation corresponds to the profile of the university, consists of educational and scientific literature and has more than 740 thousand units of storage. In accordance with established standards, the availability of textbooks and teaching aids in Tajik and Russian is 100%. The library serves over 10 thousand readers annually. The book fund of the library annually increases by more than 20 thousand units of storage, both in the traditional printed version and on electronic media. Scientific Library of the TSMU Abuali Ibni Sino ensures the introduction of new information technologies into the work based on the use of the automated information and library system ABIS IRBIS32. The heart of any educational institution is its library. It is from its uninterrupted and rhythmic work that the quality of intellectual products obtained depends, because the book crystallizes the results of human activity, providing a positive dynamic for the education of society, and, consequently, for its development.

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