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Terms of use of the scientific library of АTSMU!

1. General Provisions.

1.1. The rules for using the library of TSMU are developed in according to with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On Librarianship” (dated 02.01.2019, No. 1571, 07/22/2013, No. 1008, 12/29/2010 for No. 679, 12/21/2008 for No. 479)

1.2. The library is a structural unit of TSMU, the center of intellectual and spiritual communication. It provides educational and research processes with books, other prints and materials.

2. The main tasks of the scientific library:

2.1. Promotion of literature and medical information;

2.2. Assisting the university in the training of highly qualified personnel.

3. Rights of library readers:

3.1. A library reader has the right to receive complete information about the library funds.

3.2. Recording to the library and issuing the reader’s ticket for the faculty and other employees is carried out upon presentation of an identity document and a certificate from the personnel department. Students are registered in the library on the basis of an order for admission to ATSMU.

3.3. Library readers have the right to receive books, other print works from the library fund for temporary use at home;

3.4. Terms for issuing literature:

3.4.1. Scientific literature is issued for up to 15 days.

3.4.2. Educational literature with outstanding 1-3 year students for the academic year and for 4-6 year students for one cycle, in according to the curriculum and program.

3.4.3. Fiction is issued for 20 days.

3.4.4. Periodicals are issued only in the reading room.

3.4.5. Encyclopedias, other reference books, dissertations, rare and valuable books, newspapers and magazines are issued only in reading rooms.

3.5. Readers are served upon presentation of a reader card (library cards), upon receipt of the book, the reader is obliged to sign for the literature received.

4. Responsibilities of library readers:

4.1. Library users are required to comply with the "Library Use Rules". 4.2.Return them in a timely manner;

4.2. Do not take them out of the library if they are not recorded in the reading form or other accounting documents;

4.3. Do not make notes or underlining in books or other works of printing;

4.4. Do not tear out, do not cut pages, tables;

4.5. Upon receipt of books and other publications, readers should carefully review them and, if any defects are discovered, notify the librarian on duty; otherwise, the responsibility for damage to the books rests with the reader who used the latest edition.

4.6. Every year, readers are required to re-register with the presentation of all the literature attributed to him at the time established by the library.

5. Responsibility of readers:

5.1. Users who violate the rules for using the library and dealing with the library compensate it in the amount established by the rules for using the library, and are also liable in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan

5.2. For violation of the rules of using the library, the reader will be deprived of the right to service for the period indicated by the library;

5.3. In case of untimely return of books in accordance with the Rules for using the library of SEI ATSMU, for violating the rules, the “Reader” must compensate the university cashier for damage in the amount of 20% of the cost of the book.

5.4. In case the reader has lost the book, in accordance with the Rules for using the library of the GOU TGMU, he is obliged to compensate for the damage caused:

5.4.1. a similar book;

5.4.2. a publication recognized by the library as an equivalent to a lost book;

5.4.3. compensation for the cost of the book in a 5-fold amount;

5.5. If the publication of the library is damaged, made notes in it, emphasized the pages are bent, the sheets are trimmed, the reader is obliged to compensate for the damage in the amount of 25% of the cost of the book

5.6. Payment of the cost of the lost book, fines for untimely return of books, damage to books is carried out at the box office of the university. Payment of the cost of the lost book, fines for late return of books is carried out at the cash desk of the university

5.7. When expelling from the university and leaving for a long period of time (business trip, academic leave, etc.), the user is obliged to return to the Library all the documents attributed to him, and in case of expulsion or dismissal, sign a bypass sheet;

6. Rights and obligations of the library:

6.1. Inform readers about all the services provided;

6.2. To provide library and information-bibliographic services;

6.3. To study the needs of students and fulfill their requests whenever possible.

6.4. To create optimal conditions for readers to work in the library, to provide a high service culture: to provide advice and assistance in finding printed and electronic documents in traditional and electronic catalogs, databases, bibliographic indexes;

6.5. In the absence of the necessary publications in the library, at the request of the reader, access to other publications is through the Interlibrary loan.

6.6. Ensure the optimal degree of safety of the stock library;

6.7. Ensuring continuous monitoring of the timely return of the issued literature to the library; Write letters reminding you of a violation of the rules for using the library;

6.8. Do not serve library readers who have not passed re-registration;

Rules for using the library staff on the basis of the "Regulations on a scientific library of the Аvicenna Tajik State Medical University” from 31.01.2019.